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“Banff National Park”

We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world here in the Rockies, and Banff National Park is at the heart of that beauty. Whenever I spend time in the park, I am blown away by the grandeur, humbled by the sense of tranquility, and rejuvenated by the sense of belonging only nature can give us… it makes me question why I don’t go to the park more often.


When our friends at Joe Media asked us to help out on this promotional piece for Canada’s first National Park, we felt… to do it justice… it needed true-to-life audio that put you right on the mountainside/lake/river. We helped Paul Boucher deliver an inspired rendition of Neil Fleming’s emotional poem “Take Me Back”. We used our experiences in the park as inspiration to help craft rich sound design, including animals and birds native to the region (not often you get to put the haunting call of the Elk to effective use!). And blended these elements with a symphonic music piece supporting the grandeur and pride unique to Banff National Park. I highly recommend you visit the park… it is a trip you will never forget!



Writer/Producer/Director – Neil Fleming

Video Production – Joe Media Group

Voice – Paul Boucher