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Secret History of The Wild West

Wild west gun battles, extreme saddle bronc competitions, unexplained phenomenon, stories beyond belief…is it magic?  It’s definitely a ton of fun crafting sound design for!  Our friend Julian Black Antelope has crafted a series based on true stories from the Old West where curious, inexplicable things happened. Such a cool project that fires the imagination.  If you know where to look, you might still be able to see the magic all around us…you just have to believe!


Herd of 1 Media

Writer/Producer – Julian Black Antelope

Composer – Mike Shields

AMPIA Rosie Winner – Best Scripted Production Under 30

Cannes World Film Festival Winner – Best Trailer

AMPIA Rosie Winner – Best Promotional Production (Trailer)

AMPIA Rosie Finalist – Best Overall Sound Unscripted Under 30 (4 Episodes nominated)