Television Advertising Portfolio

Bulimia “Ice Cream”

The creative direction on this spot is what allowed it to stand apart, and required us to craft something we had not done previously…sound design an entire spot in reverse. Music along with every individual action was sound designed in reverse. 3 versions were completed: 1.Music Only 2. Sound Design Only 3. Music/Sound Design together…the music only version was chosen for the final. The lonely, surreal tone set by the visuals was best supported by the haunting reversed music all on it’s own. This is an excellent example of collaboration and experimentation helping define the best final direction for audio. Beyond the crafting of the spot, we were proud to help support the work that the Eating Disorders Education Organization does…there are people in the world who are trying to make a difference



Agency – Wax Partnership
Writer/Creative Director – Sebastian Wilcox
Video Post Producer – FilmBratz/Hans Dys
Award Winner – “Best In Show” and “Best TV PSA” Anvil Awards