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Kyemara – Zero Sum – I’ll Trade My Zero For One

This project is an incredibly unique remix/re-vamp of the popular Nine Inch Nails song “Zero Sum”. Independent artist/R&B Singer Kyemara approached us to mix the new song she had created from the split tracks posted online by Nine Inch Nails. Kyemara went way further than just a remix, she wrote the counterpoint to “Zero Sum”. Crafting a new arrangement, adding countermelodies and instruments, singing a new lead vocal and harmonies, and only then incorporated the split tracks to “fit” the new song, Kyemara has crafted a thought-provoking unique masterpiece. We are very proud of the mood setting stylized mix created here at The Forge Audio that helps tell the story Kyemara has created. We hope you enjoy the experience.



“Zero Sum” written by Trent Reznor

“Zero Sum – I’ll Trade My Zero For One” written by Kyemara

Mix by Brad Belcher at The Forge Audio Company Inc.