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Lloyd The Conqueror

Supporting independent filmmaking is an endeavor we at The Forge Audio take a lot of pride in. This project came to us through our friend Michael Peterson, and it put all of our skills to the test. It stands apart based on its strength of quality and success in multiple disciplines. It is a very well written independent comedy, incredibly well directed, has impressive acting performances, contains clever music score performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra, and features unique original songs by several up and coming underground Canadian Bands. Go ahead and roll the dice…we hope you enjoy the segments we have posted here.


Independent film winning best feature at AMPIA…comedy winning best feature at AMPIA…very rare



Handmutton Films

Writer/Director – Michael Peterson

Composers – Dave Pearce/Donovan Seidle

Actors – Mike Smith (Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys), Brian Posehn (Sara Silverman Program), Harland Williams, Tegan Moss, Evan Williams


This film won AMPIA Rosies for ‘Best Feature Film’ and ‘Best Original Musical Score – Drama’


The Score was composed by Dave Pearce (Vancouver Olympics/Michael Buble) and Donovan Seidle (Calgary Philharmonic Assistant Concert Master) and performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Final mix for the score was completed here at The Forge Audio by Brad Belcher


Sound Design was crafted at The Forge Audio with Foley being supplied by our friends at Post Modern Sound in Vancouver


5.1 Film Mix was completed here at The Forge Audio by Brad Belcher… delivered to Technicolor in Toronto for final where no changes were made to the mix (very rare)