The Agreement

Imagining what it must have been like to be in the trenches in France during the first world war is a frightening thought. To have your life in the hands of fellow soldiers from many walks of life, and many countries, a bond develops where you look after each other…even once one of you die.


When filmmaker Julian Black Antelope approached us to do the audio post on this project, he talked about the genesis of the project, and how it was based on a true story. We felt we could help with audio by transporting the listener right back to 1916 in the trenches in France with historically accurate weapons, bullets narrowly missing, distant (and very close!) bombardments, offset by eerie silences that create very intimate moments. This all serves to create a heightened emotional tone critical to the piece. Combined with a spectacular, period based, emotional musical score by Donovan Seidle, this project made us proud to be Canadian.


Another source of pride for us is that this short received a nomination for the Governor General of Canada, Canadian History Award…well done Julian!



Writer/Producer – Julian Black Antelope

Director – Michael Peterson

Composer – Donovan Seidle