“ Left Brain/Right Brain”… Decision Making in a Demanding Environment


There are not many careers that require decisions under pressure from both the Left and Right side of your brain.  Audio production is definitely one of those careers and is extremely challenging in this regard.  Decisions abound in the studio, requiring technical and creative expertise to be applied at the same time…all within a tight timeline…in order to accommodate the demanding deadlines within modern audio post.


Technically, (left brain) an Audio Producer has to be able to apply knowledge of applied physics, waveform propagation, understand mic choice/mic placement, utilize electronics theory, understand signal flow, understand equipment abilities/limitations, have a firm grasp of IT and file type choices, be able to organize file structures, and have an intimate understanding of the delivery specification to be able to maximize the quality of the product within that specification.  It has been said that at any point in time during a session, an audio engineer has to pay attention to more things than an airline pilot.  Now if we crash in the recording studio, no-ones dies … well OK, it just feels that way.


Creatively, (right brain) the audio producer has to have the ability to understand music theory, arrangement, how each instrument adds to the mix, recommend voices when casting, determine music direction/music choices, understand the capabilities of the sound effect libraries, effectively apply overall sound design concepts/direction, apply understanding of mix balances and how to make them impactful within the delivery standard.  There is also a healthy dose of psychology involved in music/audio post, whether you are guiding performances from talent, or guiding clients through the audio post process to ensure a quality product makes it to final approval.


Effective decisions in a timely manner require experience and confidence.


It’s very challenging…


I love what I do!


Passionate about the craft of audio,


Brad Belcher