Consume at CIFF



A residential school survivor struggles to feed his family and protect his ancestral land as he fights against the evil impulses of the Wendigo Spirit that wants to bring about his destruction.  This dark short film for Bravofact by our friends Julian Black Antelope and Mike Peterson is based on a true story, and challenged us to forge sound design for 2 worlds…reality…and spirit…creating a haunting atmosphere where reasonable choices blur, and definitely are not what you would expect.  Beware of the Wendigo spirit!


Join us at CIFF Sunday September 24 @ 9:30 PM at Cineplex Eau Claire,
Wednesday September 27 @ 7:45PM at Cineplex Eau Claire



Written by and Starring Julian Black Antelope

Directed by Michael Peterson

Produced by Julian Black Antelope, Michael Peterson, Lars Lehmann