“Alberta Screen Industries Promo”

Here at The Forge Audio Company, we are proud to be part of a robust/innovative group of media related companies that make up the Alberta Screen Industries. We firmly believe in supporting, and growing, Alberta based talent in both production and post production. This promotional video will give you a sense of some of our recent successes, and you may find out a few things you didn’t know about the industry… for a quality product, put us to work!

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“Toyota Clearout Event with Kate Beirness”

Here at The Forge Audio, we love sports. When Venture Communications asked us to craft a radio spot to sound just like a sportscast, it was a request we felt we had already done a healthy amount of research for! Aggressive music, big sound design moments (these ones designed to sound like cars), and Kate Beirness voicing made for a fun day in the studio, and a spot we are very proud of… give it a listen!… Read More