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University of Calgary “Space”

“Space…the final frontier”. This project was extremely thought provoking, and a surprise to discover that research is being done in concert with NASA…right here in Calgary! Trevor Alberts (director) suggested we create a countdown sequence to run the length of the video to re-enforce the space theme, and to create a building excitement throughout the project. Loving a challenge such as this, we crafted our own countdown voice to image as though it were over radio headsets at space control. We then added background sounds you would typically hear at Cape Canaveral within the headset audio to make it more realistic. Finally we “cloaked” the project in a music piece that delivers curiosity, wonder, and a modern “go where no man has gone before” feeling. All of this culminates in the ignition, power up, and launch of a NASA rocket…complete with the sound of air “ripping” as the rocket passes into the distance(definitely a sound you don’t hear every day). Flights anyone?



Video Post House – Mystery Substance

Writer/Director – Trevor Alberts

Narrator – Maureen Jones