“Maximizing Your Bit Count”


Have you ever noticed how digital recordings sound richer/fuller/better when the peak level surpasses -6db? This is due to the fact that the bit count itself is describing more featured instrument/voice, than background noise or silence.


Here is a brief breakdown of digital recording options, how they affect the quality of the final recording, and how you can maximize your bit count for better sounding digital recordings:


Digital recordings have several options to choose from, all of which affect file size and quality of recording.


To begin with, you must choose a “File Type”…typical options are:

– Broadcast WAV
– MP3

Note: Several others are available, but we will focus on these types, … Read More


“The First 3 Takes – The Importance of Quality Casting”


I was extremely fortunate to be mentored by one of the top voice directors in Canada…Miles Ramsay of GGRP. During my time with Miles, he relayed several tenets I still use today. One of the most enduring pieces of advice was: “If you don’t have something you could use within the first 3 takes, you’ve miss-cast”.


This highlights the importance of casting to a quality end product.


Quality casting requires a comprehensive understanding of the voice talent pool. It takes into account the strengths and limitations each voice possesses, and presents the ones that are right for the part.


If auditions are called for, they should not be overly voice directed. Talent should be given general directions to get… Read More


“7 Sounds”…It’s all around Us!


Take a moment to listen where you are right now…you should be able to pick out at least 7 different sounds that make up the soundscape surrounding you. It may be the furnace kicking in, the wind in the trees, the dog barking down the street, two magpies having an argument outside your window, the airplane high overhead, a horn in the distance, your teenager playing “Call of Duty” in the basement (OK…maybe that’s just my house!). The point is, the world we live in has many layers of sound that combine to make rich environments. These soundscapes are what we identify as “real”.


As sound designers, we need to be keen auditory observers of the world around us. We use these observations to help create soundscapes that are believable.

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“The Creative Safe Zone” – An Ethereal Concept

In my time in audio studios creating audio for music, film and television, I have been lucky enough to be present on numerous occasions when “magic” has struck. This is when a performance elevates beyond everyone’s expectations, and propels a project into the realm of “special”. … Read More


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