Brad Belcher

Owner, Sr. Producer, Audio Engineer

Brad is the owner of The Forge Audio Company Inc, and has studied the

craft of Audio for over 25 years in both Calgary and Vancouver.


Selected Film Credits
Lloyd The Conqueror
Jet Boy
Hakujin – The War Between Us
Trawna Tuh Belvul Remix
Man With A Gun
The Strange Blues of Cowboy Red

Selected Television Credits
Highlander The Raven
WHL Full On
Half Mile Of Hell
Beasties Transformers
Ned’s Newt
Charlie Horse Music Pizza

Selected Music Production Credits

The Cranberries
Michael Buble
Ramsay Fiction

Brad learned the Craft of Audio at

Institute of Communication Arts – Audio Engineering Degree
Blue Wave Studios – Vancouver
GGRP – Vancouver
Dick and Roger’s Sound Studio – Vancouver
Sharpe Sound Studios – Vancouver
Airwaves Sound Design – Vancouver
Wave Productions – Vancouver
The Sound Kitchen – Vancouver
Finale Post Production – Vancouver
Mainframe Entertainment – Vancouver
OneSound – Calgary
GGRP Productions Alberta Inc. – Calgary
The Forge Audio Company Inc. – Calgary

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